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Inventory and marketplace management software with integrated accounting interface.
Inforius offers online booksellers as well as stationary book dealers, a full service that covers the entire online marketplace management. You want to offer your books at Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France,, Abebooks, Booklooker, eBay, ZVAB, Google Base or Hitmeister? No problem.
You also have a free choice between one or more of the following wholesalers:
Koch, Neff & Volckmar (Germany)
Koenemann (Germany)
Libri (Germany)
Umbreit (Germany)
Bertram (England)
Gardners (England)
What is fully integrated?
You set up your upload rules once.
Everything happens automatically thereafter.
Based on your upload rules, the books will be uploaded to the marketplaces. Every night Inforius determines which books since the last upload, were either newly added or are no longer available. Inforius then automatically transmits this add/delete information to the marketplaces.
The sold orders will be automatically transmitted to the Inforius ordering system. Inforius determines whether the book is available in stock. If not, it will transmit the order to the wholesaler/publisher. All the orders that are not available in the stock will be electronically sent to the wholesaler/publisher. They respond back with the electronic delivery note so that the order can be processed.
Inforius contains an inventory management system that manages both the delivery process as well as the stock turnover.
You can print out delivery notes and bills according to the stock place.
Inforius offers a duplex interface in both the accounting and the payment tracking area. All open orders get matched with the incoming payments and get marked as paid. Of course, the payment status is automatically transmitted to the market place.
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