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Inooga Solutions commits to create value for its customers by delivering cost effective solutions and services on time and in budget to meet and exceed customer expectations using well defined process by continuous improvement of the quality management system.

Inooga Solutions as an international company offers with locations in Germany, U.K and India all project services phases including consultancy, concepts, design, coding, testing and maintenance in our customers premises as well as in our ISO 9001:2015 certified development center. To fulfill your requirements we are happy to work together with companies you are trusting.

Our structured working methodology and our web based project management environment allows you to review the status of your project at any given point of time.

Our Team is highly educated, experienced and motivated to implement your requirements on Time, in Budget and with Quality. Inooga controls the necessary education, experience and motivation, your requests on schedule, economically and to transfer in the desired quality. For special requirements we have our experienced Partner network.

Our ODC at Hyderabad, India is about 560 sq mts with state of art networking and security features.

INFORIUS ERP Release 5.2

INFORIUS ERP Release 5.3 extends the large functionality of INFORIUS with more core functionality and more suppliers.

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Join the INFORIUS community. INFORIUS offers fully integrated interfaces to 4 German and 2 English wholesalers and to 8 marketplaces.
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